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    Magnesium Lotion

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    Magnesium Lotion with Lavender

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    Magnesium Lotion with Arnica

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What's In Magnesium Lotion

Bolton’s Naturals Magnesium Lotion is a blend of magnesium chloride, jojoba seed oil, squalene, shea butter, and more.

Bolton’s Naturals only uses magnesium chloride in its natural state, sourced from seawater. Our topical magnesium products contain over 90 trace minerals not found in lab-produced magnesium chloride.

How to use Magnesium Lotion

Magnesium lotion is easy to use! Just smooth it on your skin and let the magnesium absorb. You can use it as a facial or body moisturizer — the choice is yours.

Use magnesium lotion anytime in the day or night. There’s no risk of using “too much.” Your body regulates how much magnesium you absorb through your skin.