Why Topical Magnesium?

Find out why you might want to try topical magnesium — otherwise known as transdermal magnesium. Discover the benefits of applying and absorbing magnesium through the skin.

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Your Body Needs Magnesium

You’re alive right now because of magnesium. This essential mineral keeps thousands of biochemical reactions going in your body. In fact, you have the energy to move and breathe and for your heart to beat right now because magnesium helped create that energy in every cell of your body. It’s a key electrolyte.

You can get by with too little dietary magnesium — and many people do. But without enough, you won’t be able to perform at your peak in work and play. 

You need magnesium to recover from exercise, keep your muscles healthy, and your metabolism humming. It also helps build strong bones and cartilage. One of the main reasons people take magnesium is because it helps relieve tension and pain. No wonder people who want to stay active longer rely on magnesium.

Topical Magnesium Works Differently

Usually, we get magnesium through food or supplements. Magnesium taken orally passes through the gut and is absorbed into the bloodstream. It’s not uncommon for this process to go wrong, though. Some people can’t absorb enough magnesium through the gut.

If you’re not absorbing enough magnesium, you might have symptoms like cramping, spasms, pain, and tension. 

Topical magnesium bypasses the gut altogether. When you apply magnesium to the skin, studies show that it increases the magnesium levels in your cells. So, you can get the magnesium you need even if you can’t get enough from diet and oral supplements.

The Science Behind Topical Magnesium

Studies show that topical magnesium is very effective. Here are a few sample studies:

  • Topical magnesium with a 31% concentration applied to the skin and via a foot bath was found to increase cellular magnesium concentration by 59.7% in 89% of study participants1
  • Magnesium cream applied daily at a low dose (56 mg) over two weeks was found to significantly increase blood serum and urinary magnesium concentration in a group of participants2
  • Topical magnesium chloride liquid applied to the skin for four months significantly increased intracellular magnesium concentration3

So, when you use Bolton’s Naturals topical magnesium chloride, you can feel confident that you’re giving your body the magnesium you need.


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Why Bolton's Naturals Topical Magnesium?

What you put on your skin matters! It should be clean, pure, and made from the highest-quality topical magnesium.

Bolton’s Naturals topical magnesium is created by a leading wellness authority. Linda Bolton has been a leading voice in the health sector since 2005 when she founded Natural Calm Canada. She has won multiple awards in Canada for raising awareness about magnesium and growing a magnesium brand.

To meet the need for quality topical magnesium products, Linda created the Bolton’s Naturals brand in 2012. We exclusively use sustainably harvested magnesium chloride from the mineral-rich seawaters of coastal California. Every batch is lab tested and certified pure.

Every Purchase is a Donation

Bolton’s Naturals donates 100% of our profits to help end world poverty.

We’ve partnered with Thrive for Good, a charity that trains community leaders around the world to grow life-sustaining organic, nutritious, and sustainable foods at a low cost.

Founded by Linda and Dale Bolton in 2012, our social enterprise is on a mission to bring natural health to the world’s poorest communities.