The Ultimate Guide to Topical Magnesium

We get a lot of questions about our transdermal magnesium products. That’s why we’ve written this Ultimate Guide. Beginning with the ‘what’ and ‘why’, we move on to the ‘how’, ‘how much’, ‘how effective’ and ‘how safe’ questions people frequently ask.

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Why Magnesium?

Every cell in our bodies relies on magnesium. It’s known as the ‘the spark of life’ because without magnesium, the very process by which our cells derive energy ceases to function.

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Signs of Magnesium Deficiency

Magnesium deficiency is extremely hard to diagnose. Symptoms are generally non-specific, there are numerous contributing factors, and there is no simple method for diagnosing magnesium deficiency.

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Why Choose Topical Magnesium Chloride?

  • Athletes and customers with severe muscle tension, cramping and Restless Leg Syndrome choose topical magnesium as a fast-acting form of relief.
  • Customers with migraines and headaches apply it to the neck and skull for pain reduction.
  • Topical magnesium chloride is handy to keep in a gym bag, at your bedside or desk for quick application.
  • Children who won’t take magnesium orally can benefit from magnesium chloride therapy when added to the bath.
  • Some people find relief from skin conditions, like eczema and acne when they use transdermal magnesium.
  • Magnesium chloride is antibacterial, and users find it reduces body odour and helps speed the healing of wounds.
  • Magnesium applied topically may prevent or reverse skin damage from ageing and sun exposure.
boltons naturals topical magnesium chloride products
boltons naturals topical magnesium chloride products
heavenly sleep liquid melatonin

Heavenly Sleep Liquid Melatonin

Melatonin is a natural hormone that we all produce. It’s activated by magnesium – the hard-working mineral that helps relax nerves and muscles. When we have healthy sleep patterns and enough magnesium, we naturally produce the melatonin we need to fall asleep fast.
But sometimes our bodies don’t deliver enough sleep-inducing melatonin at bedtime – especially as we age. Those who may need to supplement include:
  • Adults, primarily those over the age of 40
  • Anyone who:
    o Is exposed to digital screens or other sources of blue light before bed
    o Has jetlag or is planning a trip across time zones
    o Works evening or night shifts
    o Is negatively affected by seasonal changes
    o Has a biological sleep clock that’s simply ‘off’

When you supplement with Heavenly Sleep, you activate your body’s own natural cues to sleep, drug-free.

And Heavenly Sleep liquid melatonin is fast-acting. That’s because liquid melatonin is absorbed more quickly than tablets, so the trigger to sleep is released right away.

Get the rest you need, when you need it, and feel refreshed in the morning.

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Our Topical Magnesium Chloride Products

“Last summer I woke up about 5 days in a row with charlie-horses. I went to my physiotherapist who alleviated the problem with massage and he recommended a magnesium supplement. I had tried magnesium supplements before my bowels can’t tolerate magnesium orally. The assistant at the health food store recommended a topical supplement and I found Bolton’s Magnesium Chloride Balm. I rubbed it on my lower legs 3 times the first day, 2 times a day the next couple of days, and once a day for about a week. I was without cramps for several weeks.

The cramps did come back a couple of months later so I started the course of magnesium balm again and I now find that if I use it 2 or 3 times a week I have no recurrence. When I feel any tightness in my lower legs I rub the magnesium balm into them and I’m cramp-free.

I was talking about charlie-horses to a couple of ladies in my fitness class a few months back and mentioned I had found an easy and natural way to deal with them. One lady said she suffers terribly, and nightly, with leg cramps but she cannot take oral magnesium supplements. I explained to her that because topical magnesium supplements go nowhere the gut, they do not cause diarrhea. I gave her a small amount from my jar and she tried it. It not only did not affect her bowels, but it also cured the charlie-horses and her nightly suffering.

Next jar I’m going to try the Lavender Magnesium Chloride Balm as I am a lover of lavender.”


Absolutely love this product! I hand out as free samples to all my patients! I have used it on my charlie horses, lactic acid build up in my legs as well as sprains and strains! the results are amazing!


It makes my muscles feel much better within minutes. I use it for chronic muscle pain, and I love that it’s natural and something your body needs anyway.

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“I use magnesium chloride that I rub on my legs and arms, it is very good for leg cramps. I used to have them almost every night, been using for over 2 years, very rarely have one. l wouldn’t be without it….

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“This liquid has saved my life. I could not absorb magnesium through oral supplements but by rubbing magnesium chloride on my arms and legs twice a day I am now maintaining normal levels of magnesium in my system!”


“I’m absolutely amazed at how well the Magnesium Liquid works when I have any issues with my muscles. Having back and neck issues, getting a massage with the spray instead of any other oil really reduces the pain factor the next day. Once again, THANK YOU!”

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