Why Magnesium?

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The Hardest Working Mineral in the Body Does More Than You Know! Very few people give a moment’s thought to what goes on at the cellular level in our bodies. We have trillions and trillions of cells in our bodies, each one less than a nanogram, each one performing enzymatic reactions, energy transfers every millisecond. […]

Magnesium and Lavender for Sleep, Pain, and Mood

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Muscle pain, difficulty sleeping, and trouble maintaining a positive mindset are much more common ailments than you may think. Although none are life-threatening, it becomes very hard to thrive when you’re getting a fraction of the sleep you need, moving hurts your body, or when you are simply not in a positive mental space.  In […]

How to Use Magnesium and Lavender for Stress Relief

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Polls have shown that a great number of Canadians experience some type of stress on a regular or semi-regular basis. The Canadian Mental Health Association found that about one in four Canadians feel somewhat or very stressed most days.  Stress is the fight-or-flight response we have in response to daunting demands. Symptoms of stress are […]