Here’s Why You Should Be Using Topical Magnesium

Looking for an easy, inexpensive, effective way to treat your symptoms of magnesium-deficiency? Then transdermal magnesium may be for you!

“Transdermal”, as you might guess, is magnesium that’s absorbed through the skin, directly into the cells. That’s why it’s also called “topical magnesium”.

Ever tried an epsom salts bath? It’s the same idea. In an epsom salts bath, the magnesium sulphate soaks into the skin, relaxing tension, relieving pain, and treating other symptoms of magnesium deficiency.

Our Magnesium Chloride Liquid, Spray, Gel and Balm products are like an epsom salts bath, but better. That’s because magnesium chloride is simply better absorbed, and thus more effective.


Transdermal magnesium offers all of the benefits of oral magnesium: relief from stress, sleep issues, anxiety, pain, and conditions associated with magnesium-deficiency, including osteoporosishigh blood pressure and diabetes.

It addresses systematic magnesium deficiencies, acts to improve the function of the cells and immune system, helps protect cells from oxidative damage and decreases inflammation.

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