Questions About Bolton's Naturals' Products

Topical Magnesium Benefits

You may feel more relaxed when you use topical magnesium. Magnesium helps to relax muscles and nerves. It also helps facilitate the release of melatonin, the nighttime sleep hormone.

We’ve added lavender essential oil to many of our Bolton’s Naturals topical magnesium products. Lavender is naturally relaxing, so you can unwind and get refreshed.

Magnesium has been a natural remedy for millennia. Since ancient times, people have bathed in mineral-rich waters, like the Dead Sea and geothermal springs, to relieve various ailments. Soaking in these minerals appears to help the muscles and nerves relax, relieving pain. If you’ve ever visited a mud spa, the same concept applies.

You may find that using topical magnesium makes your muscles and joints feel looser and more comfortable. Some people find relief from headaches and migraines.

Over the long term, magnesium can help prevent the pain of arthritis and osteoporosis. It strengthens cartilage and builds stronger bones.

Replenishes an essential electrolyte that’s needed to produce energy in every cell of your body

Magnesium chloride does help to exfoliate the skin and may promote softer skin by exfoliating the top layers of dry, dead skin. You can use it on your feet or anywhere you have callouses.

Key Facts About Our Topical Magnesium Products

What is the difference between your magnesium chloride products?

Bolton’s Naturals topical magnesium products come in different formats for your convenience.

Some people like to add the concentrated liquid to a bath or make a diluted version at home to spray or wipe on the skin.

Our magnesium spray is pre-diluted. It’s convenient to keep on your bathroom counter, on your desk, or in a gym bag for any time you need a magnesium boost.

We also have a topical magnesium lotion, balm, and gel. These products feel great massaged into the skin. Just choose the texture you prefer.

Ingredients in Bolton’s Naturals Topical Magnesium

There are many forms of magnesium. Some, like magnesium chloride, can be used topically. We chose magnesium chloride because it is considered one of the most absorbable, effective forms.

Bolton’s Naturals topical magnesium is extracted from salt evaporation ponds along the coast of southern California.

Depending on prevailing temperatures and inches of rain, the ocean water captured in the ponds will sit for 3 to 6 months until sufficient water has evaporated to cause the salt to drop out of suspension.

The water that remains on top of the salt is naturally high in magnesium chloride as well as approximately 90 other trace minerals.

Every drop of the magnesium chloride we use in Bolton’s Naturals is certified free from harmful contaminants. It is lab tested for petrochemicals, pathogens, agricultural runoff, and heavy metals so that you can feel confident in the absolute purity of our topical magnesium.

At Bolton’s Naturals, we made a deliberate decision to use the more natural magnesium chloride and avoid synthetic magnesium chloride hexahydrate (MCH)

MCH is a laboratory-produced product. The lab produces magnesium flakes that are then hydrated to make magnesium spray, cream, or “oil.”

We make Bolton’s Naturals topical magnesium products from magnesium chloride that is ‘wildcrafted,’ or in other words, taken directly from salt evaporation ponds. Our magnesium chloride contains 90 trace minerals naturally occurring in seawater. You won’t find these trace minerals in synthetic magnesium (like MCH), and trace minerals are important for health.

Magnesium chloride has an oil-like texture. It feels silky. However, magnesium chloride is not an oil. It’s completely non-staining.

We add oils to Bolton’s Naturals magnesium lotion and balm to make these products moisturizing. Choose our magnesium chloride liquid or spray if you prefer oil-free topical magnesium.

How to Use Bolton’s Naturals Topical Magnesium

You can feel free to use as much or little topical magnesium as you like. We recommend you apply a thin layer of lotion, cream, gel, or spray to the skin. Use it all over your body (avoiding the eyes and any sensitive areas). Or, apply it only where you have tight muscles, aches or pains.

If you add magnesium chloride liquid to a bath, use just one teaspoon to start. This product is quite concentrated.

You can apply topical magnesium at any time of day. Use it when you have muscle tension, aches, or pains. When applied in the evening, topical magnesium can help to prevent restless legs and other muscle-related sleep disturbances.

Absolutely. You can use topical magnesium as often as you like. Use it as part of your morning routine, before or after exercise, and to wind down at night, for example.

Yes. Feel free to apply any products on your skin after using topical magnesium. Simply allow the magnesium 20 minutes or so to absorb into the skin before applying any other product.

For example, you may use Bolton’s Naturals liquid or spray magnesium chloride as a toner on the face, to tighten and smooth skin before applying other products in the morning or at night.

You can use Bolton’s Naturals magnesium balm and lotions like any other moisturizers, under other products or alone.

Most people prefer to rinse off topical magnesium gel after letting it absorb into the skin for at least 20 minutes.

Think of topical magnesium like seawater — which is what it is! You don’t need to rinse seawater off your skin, but if you prefer to, you may.

Your skin should absorb the minerals in approximately 20 minutes. If you’re using magnesium chloride liquid, spray, or gel, you may wish to rinse it off. Magnesium chloride balm and lotion are meant to be left on your skin until your next shower or bath, but the choice is yours.

Topical Magnesium Safety

Yes. We make Bolton’s Naturals from magnesium chloride that we have rigorously tested in a laboratory. Every batch tests clean for heavy metals, contaminants, and toxins. There are no risks associated with this product, except that you should use caution using it on sensitive or broken skin.

If you add magnesium chloride liquid to a bath, use just one teaspoon to start. This product is quite concentrated.

Topical magnesium is safe and effective for children of all ages. Often, children don’t get adequate minerals through their diets. Magnesium can help children with muscle cramps and sleep. It can also help children to feel calmer because magnesium soothes the nervous system.

Most children have sensitive skin, so we recommend magnesium lotion (a light cream) or magnesium balm (thicker and richer).

You can also add a teaspoon of magnesium chloride liquid to a child’s bathwater. Magnesium chloride is similar to Epsom Salts (magnesium sulfate), except that research suggests magnesium chloride is more absorbable.

Your skin effectively regulates the amount of magnesium absorbed. Just as you wouldn’t worry about absorbing too many minerals when swimming in the ocean, you don’t need to be concerned that your skin will absorb too much topical magnesium.

You may find that topical magnesium stings if your skin is broken or irritated. Use caution when applying it to damaged or inflamed skin.

Some people apply pure magnesium chloride to cuts, scrapes, bites, and more. Magnesium chloride is sterile and may promote healing. However, we recommend you test a small area using a diluted amount of pure magnesium chloride.

You can find magnesium chloride oral supplements on the market. However, Bolton’s Naturals magnesium chloride is licensed and recommended only for external use. We do not recommend using this product orally.

Topical Magnesium Side Effects

Bolton’s Naturals topical magnesium contains magnesium chloride sourced from seawater. When you use topical magnesium, you may feel like you have seawater on your skin.

We recommend using magnesium lotion or magnesium balm if you have sensitive skin. These soothing products contain emollients that buffer the magnesium chloride.

If your skin does not tend to be sensitive, you can try magnesium gel or spray. Note that magnesium chloride liquid is our full-strength product and most people dilute it at home before applying it to the skin.

If you experience irritation using our transdermal magnesium chloride products, discontinue use.

No. Magnesium absorbed transdermally (through the skin) bypasses the digestive tract, targetting cells directly. You should not experience a laxative effect.

Magnesium is not a sedative. This essential mineral is relaxing, but it also helps with energy production at the cellular level. You may find that you have more energy when you use topical magnesium.

Topical Magnesium vs. Magnesium Supplements

For some people, topical magnesium can replace a magnesium supplement. Other people use both.

Everyone has different magnesium needs. You may need more or less magnesium than others of your age, size, and gender. Your diet may be higher or lower in magnesium. Other health factors may influence how much magnesium your body absorbs or “wastes.”

Some people find that combining topical magnesium with oral magnesium supplements helps them to reach their daily requirements. There is no risk in using both, provided you do not take excessive quantities of oral magnesium.

Some people simply don’t absorb enough magnesium from an oral magnesium supplement. A topical magnesium product is a great alternative or additive to your oral magnesium supplement.

Others experience diarrhea when taking oral magnesium (especially at high doses). That’s because oral magnesium is absorbed through the intestines and draws water into the bowels. To avoid that laxative effect, you can use topical magnesium, which bypasses the gut altogether.

If you use both, be sure to choose a quality magnesium supplement. We recommend Natural Calm magnesium citrate.

Heavenly Sleep Liquid Melatonin

Liquid Melatonin Benefits

For most people, melatonin is an effective sleep aid. That’s because melatonin as a supplement is identical to the hormone, melatonin, that our brains produce to send us off to dreamland.

Around middle age, your brain slows production of melatonin. You may experience more difficulty sleeping at this time, and a melatonin supplement can help.

Melatonin supplements can also counter the effects of too much screen time in the evening. The bright light from screens confuses our brains into thinking it’s daytime and interferes with our body’s normal production of melatonin.

Melatonin is a well-known solution for sleep problems associated with jetlag and shift work. It helps to reset your biological sleep clock.

Some people have sleep problems that aren’t related to low melatonin. Try taking liquid melatonin every night, as directed, for four weeks and if you still aren’t sleeping well, speak with your doctor.

lement. Other people use both.

Everyone has different magnesium needs. You may need more or less magnesium than others of your age, size, and gender. Your diet may be higher or lower in magnesium. Other health factors may influence how much magnesium your body absorbs or “wastes.”

Some people find that combining topical magnesium with oral magnesium supplements helps them to reach their daily requirements. There is no risk in using both, provided you do not take excessive quantities of oral magnesium.

There is a lot of research into the benefits of melatonin beyond sleep. For example, researchers are investigating the role of melatonin in protecting the brain from degeneration and disease. It also appears to protect the skin, muscles, and bones as we age.

Key Facts About Our Liquid Melatonin Products

Heavenly Sleep comes in two different formats. The product is identical, but we’ve made it available in a bottle with a dropper and a spray bottle.

Most people use Heavenly Sleep Liquid Melatonin (with the dropper) by adding it to water before bed.

We made the spray bottle because people find it easier to use in bed. You can keep a bottle of melatonin spray on your nightstand and take it without having to raise your head from your pillow!

Ingredients in Heavenly Sleep Liquid Melatonin

Melatonin is produced in the pineal gland in the brain. Natural melatonin is extracted from the brains of animals (a form of cruelty we don’t support). We also choose to avoid natural melatonin because it simply isn’t safe to take a supplement that is made from biological materials that could carry viruses.

The lab-made melatonin we use in Heavenly Sleep is identical in structure to the melatonin produced in your brain. It is the safe, effective choice, and free from animal products.

There is no sugar in our liquid melatonin, just a light orange flavor, like a spritz of citrus in your drink. There are no artificial sweeteners in our melatonin, either. It’s free from wheat, soy, nuts and other allergens as well.

How to Use Heavenly Sleep Liquid Melatonin

According to The Sleep Foundation, “There is no official recommended melatonin dosage for adults, but a range of 0.5 milligram to 5 milligrams appears to be safe and effective.” Healthline explains, “the standard dose used in studies ranges between 1 and 10 mg, although there isn’t currently a definitive ‘best’ dosage.”

One dropper or two sprays of Heavenly Sleep contains 3 mg of liquid melatonin. We chose this moderate dose because 3 mg appears effective for most people who need help getting to sleep.

You can try using less or increase your dose gradually. If you experience any side effects (see below), reduce or discontinue your use of melatonin.

Melatonin starts to take effect within about 30 minutes. Liquid melatonin is absorbed more quickly than melatonin tablets, so you may notice the effects sooner.

Take Heavenly Sleep within about a half hour of when you want to fall asleep.

Many people take melatonin only occasionally, or up to a few nights a week when they have difficulty sleeping. If you’re taking it every night, consult your doctor to see if there are underlying causes of your sleep difficulties.

Most experts recommend using melatonin for up to three months. However, it has been used safely for years.

Liquid Melatonin Safety

If you are a healthy adult, not on prescription drugs or taking other drugs, and if you’re neither pregnant nor breastfeeding, you should have no concerns about taking a melatonin supplement as directed.

Consult WebMD or another reputable source (such as your doctor) for information on drug interactions, or special precautions related to medical conditions, if you are unsure.

Also, don’t drive or use machinery for 4-5 hours after taking melatonin.

Studies involving children with sleep disorders have demonstrated the safety of melatonin. However, consult your healthcare provider for advice on using melatonin for your children.

You may experience side effects (see below) if you take too much melatonin. We recommend you start with a modest dose, such as 3 mg of melatonin.

Liquid Melatonin Side Effects

Some users may experience vivid dreams, headaches, stomach discomfort or nausea, daytime sleepiness, grogginess, or a low mood.

If you experience side effects, reduce your dose or take a break from melatonin supplements.